Framed Giclee Miniatures - Ornaments!
Framed Miniature Giclees on Canvas
also used as Christmas Ornaments

Each subject is a high-quality Giclee on Canvas, produced in our own studio, and
hand-signed on the glass, then framed in silver-tone 2"X3" frame.

$26 Each - Christmas Special $16 Each!
Lion "Approaching Reign"
"Approaching Reign" Lion
Leopard "Sound of Silence"
"Sound of Silence" Leopard

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  Polar Bear "Living o the Very Edge"
Polar Bear
"Living on the Very Edge"

Elephant "Invincible"
"Invincible" Elephant

"Snow Bird" Female Cardinal
Female Cardinal - "Snow Bird"


"Snow Bird" Male Cardinal
Male Cardinal - "Snow Bird"

  "Just A Nominal Charge" Baby Elephant
"Just A Nominal Charge"
Baby Elephant

" Lion of Judah"

"Timeless Place" Leopard
  "Rufous Hummingbirds"
"Rufous Hummingbird"
  "Winter's Gift" Cedar WaxWings
"Winter's Gift"
Cedar Wax Wings

"Points of Interest "

"High Browse" Giraffe Portrait

"New Cardinal"
"Rubythroat Hummingbird"

"A Reason to Strut"

"Fighting Gamecock "

Signed Giclee,
framed in silver-finish
All priced the same
All images 2" x 3"




Lion Pair -"Savannah Royalty"
"Mtn Gems" Hummingbird
"Mountain Gems" Hummingbird

"Lilac Rollers"

"Painted Bunting"



"Winter Cardinals "

"Blue Morpho" Butterfly


"Flying the Highlands "


"Barbet" (African Bird)

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"America's Goatman"


"Red Fox"


"Defender of Freedom"